Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Okay, so its finally time for another update! I was told by my dear friend Sarah that I needed to write an update, so let's get 'er done haha.

Wednesday: So Wednesday was my second day of classes. I had two, art at 8:30 and then a political science class on the UN at 1:30. I really liked both classes and I think they will be alot of work, but I will learn a lot from them! The break between classes was spent with my friend Mario. We found lunch close to campus, it was super cheap and good, for 3,40 euro I got a sandwich and a drink! After that we went to the computer labs and ran into some people and ended up going to buy a quick beer before class haha. After class I went back to the house because Eddie had another class and I didn't really have anything to do for the rest of the afternoon. At the house I was just hanging out and then the kids came home... They were in my room with me, just playing on my computer and then boom they switched and decided I was the enemy and should be punched and kicked. I kept trying to tell them to stop but they didn't care what I said and I finally had to go get their dad because they had started throwing my stuff under the bed and were starting to truly go crazy. Their dad took them away and then I tried to calm down. The mom and grandma came home and they made the kids apologize, hug, and give me a kiss. The grandma is amazing! She is very strict with the kids and they listen to her better than anyone else! So after the kids apologized it was a big ole dinner with everyone and then a nice night, the whole while knowing that I had nothing to do on Thursday so I could sleep in!!

Thursday: As a study abroad student I had to get a visa and once you arrive in Belgium you must register at the town hall where you are living to apply for residency because the visa runs out usually before you leave. So I registered last Thursday with my host mom and Thursday am a police office came to see if I really am living here haha. He was really nice, he just needed to hear from people living here that I live here, and he got proof, just woken up, not ready for the world Traci proof haha. So once he left I ate breakfast and I was talking to the grandma and she said that if I wanted I could help her with housework since I was free all day. So that's what I did. We did dishes, folded laundry, talked a bunch, but she talks fast so some things I don't get. She told me all about the flag pole issue and how stressful the party planning is going, I will explain that further down. I also packed away some little decorations that are in the living and dining room and don't need to be out for the party. It was a good day and I think the grandma is training me to be an adult woman haha. She is sooo funny and very opinionated. Last night at dinner the family was talking about former students that have stayed here and grandma was not afraid of letting us know who she did and didn't like :-)

Okay so this party. Next Saturday is my host families 8th wedding anniversary and because Evelyne has been wanting to see friends she hasn't seen in years and because it falls on a Saturday they are having a party. I guess its a pretty traditional thing in Belgium to have a party for a 10 yr wedding anniversary but this one is just a little early. So, this party is going to be huge! There are two parts, an afternoon part for kids that includes and activity and ice cream and then a part during the night with dancing and just adults. Last I heard there were going to be like 90 children here for the kids part and over 100 adults at the other part! Its going to be great!

Back to updates, Friday. No school on Friday's either so Eddie and I went to campus to run some quick errands and then had lunch at Chi Chi's before buying our textbooks!!!

We didn't know where we were going to get lunch, we just knew that we were hungry so when we got off the metro at the stop for the bookstore the first thing I saw was Chi Chi's! I started going crazy and Eddie said it was fine if we went. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as it was envisioned in my dreams but you know whatev haha, it was however very expensive so I don't plan on going back until someone like my mom can pay in December haha.

After buying textbooks that we also expensive we headed back to the house to see this little presentation the kids had. The kids have been going to different summer camps to take up time this summer and this most recent one was about cooking so yesterday afternoon they had their end of week presentation. Alice and Nathans classes each did little songs and dances and then there was food at the end, which I believe they made. The program was all in Dutch so I'm not sure exactly what went on but it was cute. After that we came back and had a big dinner with the 6 people living here and then Evelyne's mom and dad. It was fun and the grandma was super funny as always.

Today/Saturday: Evelyne and I ended up doing some shopping today for the party. This am she asked me if I knew how to do makeup and I said yes on myself and we ended up talking about me doing her makeup for the party, we are having a test run tomorrow I believe. So first we went shopping for that at a mall and then ended up getting a lot of other things for it. After lunch we went out again to another store and got a lot of other things. This party is costing a lot but I think it is going to be a lot of fun! Tonight it looks like I am going to a barbecue with the family, a friend of theirs is having a party and they invited me to join, it should be pretty fun!

Tchao! (that's for Kasi)

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