Sunday, August 22, 2010

They have Chi Chi's here?!?!?!

Yesterday was the tour of Brussels. It started at 10 from the school so I needed to leave the house by 9 to make it in time. I left the house right about 8:50 just to try and make sure I got there in time. My feet were hurting pretty bad because of the shoes I wore on Friday for my interview so I decided to see when the bus would come by, I waited a bit and then decided to just keep walking. I got to the metro and saw that there is a difference in how often the metro goes from the weekdays to the weekends. I got on the metro by about 9:30 but then needed to take the tram, I didn't get onto that until 9:53 or so. I knew by that point I was going to be late, but then I saw other study abroad students on the tram! We ended up walking together and we were not the last to get there so it was all good, whew!

The tour was on bus and we drove around for about three hours total. There was a lot of places to see and a lot of information was covered so it got to be a little much at times, but it was all good. I definitely saw a bunch of places that I plan to go back to! But the best part of the tour had to be seeing a Chi Chi's! Now you must understand that Chi Chi's was like my home cooked food when I was little, we went there all the time and when they closed I was very sad, but they have one in downtown brussels!!!! I already have the plans to go in December when my mom gets here and I will not be upset it I go earlier, maybe for lunch soon!!! After the bus part of the tour people taking the art class at school had an additional tour. We had a quick little lunch before the tour and then set off, we saw things in the city center that are not available to see on bus. There was a cool area with a bunch of bars that had grass covering the streets and people were able to just lounge around and enjoy the day, it was a cool idea. After that, we saw some of the older parts of Brussels. Then of course we went to the tourist things Le Mannekin Pis and the Grand Place. Le Mannekin Pis is so tiny but I think its just its strange image that makes everyone interested in it. The Grand Place was just very pretty and cool to see.

The tour ended soon after that and everyone just seperated it had been a long day and a lot of people were pretty tired from the night before. I came back to the host families house and enjoyed another dinner with the kids and their grandma. It was nice and I really like her and her topics of conversation. She enjoys talking about Barack Obama and told me that she did not like Bush, we had a good conversation even if there were some language barriers at times haha.

So far today has been a very nice but chill day. I slept in until 10 woo woo, it felt very nice. Had a little bread and tea breakfast talked to the fam about their plans, the mom and kids went to church while the dad stayed home to get ready and then go to his parents house where the rest of the fam would meet him. I was free to do whatever. They offered to take me to the park but since my feet hurt pretty bad i asked if it was possible if I just be shown where it was at that way I can go back when I would like. The rest of the day has been spend getting things ready for school both here in Belgium and at USI. It's been a good day. Tonight the other student living here arrives so the house is a little hectic getting ready for his arrival. I'm ready to have another student here just to have someone to do the commute with and all that jazz! Well there's not much more I can think to write about, I will certainly report on his arrival and on the first day of school tomorrow!

Au revoir!


  1. Haha I'm glad you wouldn't be upset if you went to Chi Chi's earlier. =P I don't think I've ever eaten there, but I'm happy for you!

    Do you know where your housemate is from?

  2. He's from Mexico and goes to school in Michigan. I'm nervous to meet him!