Friday, August 20, 2010

A Kebab'n Day!

Today was another good day in Brussels! I had to be at school at 9:30 for my course registration so I did the normal way of getting there and got registration completed. Right now my schedule says I am taking 5 classes, 1 art class includes a bunch of travel, and 4 political science classes, however if I receive an internship that all will change. I will drop at least one class and replace it with an internship but I am also considering dropping another one. I have time so we'll see what happens. After registration, which lasted two hours lol but was fun, some other students and I went to go somewhere, I was looking for food and they for a internet cafe but luckily we found a kebab restaurant and went in there. It was very yummy and close to campus A++. We stayed at the restaurant for a while and one of the men there kept telling us how much he liked having english speaking people around to practice his english with, he was really nice. After lunch I left for my interview at the law firm. This one involved the metro and the bus. The metro was easy, it was one I have taken a couple times and knew but then the bus, I only took the bus once before this time and that was this morning when I was in a little lazy but my feel hurt in these shoes way. That bus ride had only been 5 or so minutes and I knew the area, but this afternoon it was for atleast 30 minutes, I think 12 stops and a very confusing area. It could have been wayyy worse and all but I was stressed, thankfully though Vesalius provides students with directions to their interviews and after a bit of a walk I found it.

The interview went okay, I didn't get the good vibes that I had felt yesterday and my mind is already made up about it all.

Tonight ay my host family's house the parents are out with friends so Evelyne's mom came over to watch the kids and do dinner. She is super nice and was a pleasure to meet and talk to.

Tomorrow is out tour of Brussels, I'm very excited for it and can't wait to finally take pictures of something!

A little note to anyone reading this (I feel like Julie in the movie Julie & Julia with her blog), I just want to say thank you and your continued support, assistance, guidance, and comments, you put a big ole smile on this face!


  1. Well I enjoy reading this and I have forwarded
    this site to other who ask about you and have heard about this.

    have fun taking pictures and then we can see them on facebook:)

  2. I'm sure your interview went awesomely! Also yum to the kebabs!

  3. Makes me cry when I read this! AND I watch Julie and Julia on a weekly basis.... :)

  4. Awww Kasi, no crying allowed on this blog! I really enjoyed the Julie and Julia movie!!!