Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lots has changed!

Last time I wrote, early Sunday evening, I was the only student living here, well that is not the case. Sunday night my housemate Eddie arrived. He is very nice and I am very happy to not be the only student living here anymore, the family is very nice, but sometime you just need someone that can relate to the situation we are in.

So Monday was the first day of classes and oh lucky me had a 8:30 am class meaning to make sure that I made it to class on time and in case I got lost I wanted to leave early for that. I made to school and everything fine and I actually had my class in room D3.14, you better believe I made a pi joke out of that, the girl I said it to didn't really think it was funny but I sure did lol. My first was entitled Contemporary Political Concepts in Europe and Beyond and it was a really good course. It sounds like it will be a lot of work but also really interesting. I wasn't too excited about that though because it's sooo early haha. The next class I had wasn't until 4:30 so for the afternoon I ran around with a friend and got lunch. The second class was not as exciting and I its going to be one of the ones that gets dropped for the internship.

Today was one of my days that will probably spent with the internship once that all starts, I have a great schedule and don't have class on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. Today I went with Eddie to school to make sure he knew the way and to run some errands of my own. I also had my first Belgian beer today woot woot. It was Kriek and is made with cherries yummm. I think the man at the restaurant we went today is going to be my teacher for learning to enjoy beer haha. Tomorrow is my art class and another political science class, it should be a good day!

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