Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh Goodness...

The stress of everything that needs to get done is finally setting in. I think I had forgotten this part since last spring when I was preparing for France haha. This time around there is a lot more work because I will be gone for a semester. I am currently just trying to get everything at school arranged so I will be set up for returning in the spring and have my credits transfer like they should. Although its been really stressful it has also been really exciting to talk to other students traveling and just talk about the similar situations we are in and all it takes to prepare. I have just been working on the little things first and as time goes will work to make all the little things build up. Its almost the end of the semester at school now so once its officially over I will have more time to prepare.

I'm really looking forward to having my internship application turned in and finding out if my hopes for that will pan out. Well once I know more info or have done some more work I will return to the blog.

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