Friday, September 17, 2010

Why does Belgium have so many statues of beings peeing?

There are multiple statues involving the act of peeing. Mannekin Pis is of the little boy peeing and it is by far the most famous. However, did you know there is a statue of a little girl peeing and another of a dog? I bet not, I know I certainly did not. Today my friend Kelsey showed me the little girl peeing one and I found the location of the dog one online so I definitely plan on finding it too.
Other than the peeing statues this week has been pretty relaxed, I had my internship 3 times and classes as usual. Tomorrow we go on a art class trip to Antwerp and I give my presentation, I am happy to be getting it out of the way early in the semester. I will try to update with more exciting stuff later!

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