Sunday, October 3, 2010

I can't believe its already October?!?!?!

Whew, this semester is flying by! Tomorrow is the start of midterm week?!?! I can't believe it! It is overall pretty overwhelming to actually be here in Belgium, after thinking and dreaming about it for so long.

Everything here is going good. This past week both Eddie and I had colds,along with some other people that went to Amsterdam with the class trip, so hopefully this is not something that will happen after each trip, if so yuck haha. This week I have 3 exams, one tomorrow morning, and two Wednesday. After that I just have two internship days because I am taking Tuesday off for studying. Right now I am in the midst of finally planning my trip to London and Oxford to complete my Endeavor Grant research. I'm excited because I think I can do it in 4 days as long as I spend 5-7 hours each day looking at artifacts. It's going to be a long weekend but I need and want to do it so it will be good. Other than that I am just working on school work, and trying to get my other trips arranged. It is just astonishing to me that it is October and just how quickly this entire experience is going. I am loving it and even at those times where I miss home I just remind myself of how great of an experience this is and I am too lucky to sit around and think of what I am missing back home.

I will try to write back soon!


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